I am Ikechukwu Chinedu Nnabeze [IOLITE PHOENIX]

Welcome to a new world. You stepped into an alternate universe when you opened this blog; A world where the mind is silent and the soul speaks. It is not a coincidence, nothing ever is....
What this world is about? I guess we'd have to find out together.

I'm a writer, a poet, a martial artist, a cartoon lover, and a lover of all things rare, and I welcome you as we explore this new world together.

Do feel free to drop your comments on works that speak to you or touch you in a way that's tearfully beautiful, after all what good is the beauty of a smile, if the world doesn't get to share it, and what good is the beauty of that thought if no one gets see it, feel it,sense it, share it and become beautiful by it?.

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