Tuesday, 3 February 2015


By the time you're through reading this poem,
you'll find you've gained nothing,
i just decided to write.

I'm on a
walk, I've been in my room all day,
and tonight i took a shower and decided to take a walk,
I decided to write.

The day is not near as beautiful as night,
for it's only in night,
will you find light and
its absence blend in such perfectness,

Only in its beautiful darkness are fears hightened,
and trees take the shape of monsters,
Stand in the night and you'll know your fears.

I just decided to write,
What crazy man takes a walk by night, earphones at full volume,
typing absolutely nothing but empty words with his phone,
with the risk of falling or stumbling in the darkness?

I guess what it is I love about this night,
is that it reminds me of my emptiness,
where I'm nothing and where I'm everything,
where if the universe is infinite, I am the center of the infinite,
where in this infinite vastness,
I am as nothing as a single golden grain on a beach.

This night, fills me with such beautiful sadness in its silence,
a reassurance that so much is possible,
I can conquer and I can be conquered;
light and its absence blent in such perfectness,
where I can change the world and the world can change me,

I just decided to write,
and like I earlier wrote: you've gained nothing by reading this,
I just took a walk after a day of doing nothing,
my earpiece on full volume,
my phone the book with which I write,
and the night a silent observer of a man who decided he doesn't mind stumbling in her darkness.

May the day remind me of night,
May tomorrow be better than today,
And as The Holy Man might say,
"may my good remain better, may my better remain blessed".


  1. Hey Iolite pheonix, ur poems are Just wonderful, wat I love about this one in particular is d way ur words create this imagery that captivates the reader. keep it up

    1. I'm glad it touched you enough to share your thoughts on it...thanks for sharing

  2. Replies
    1. Chidiogo thanks for the vote of confidence, *smiling *...it's nice to hear from you

  3. Replies
    1. David thanks bro...please feel free to read others and let me know what you think of them...thanks for sharing your thought, it's a priceless gift


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