Sunday, 8 February 2015


I took a walk with the moon,
She was nowhere to be seen,
Seems so long, forever maybe,
How long it has

I took a walk with the moon,
though tonight it's just me and the stars,
She told me things, she danced me things,
Wordless words you see, sighless sighs they were,

I just saw a shooting star,
And I wished for happiness,
Before I started praying, that I've prayed right,
This deep emptiness, that plagues us all in silent emptiness,

She reminded me of how we're born in happiness,
How we're happiness,
Yet spend the rest of our lives seeking happiness,
How lost we've become in our endlessness,

She's not with me tonight, The moon,
But she led me to the stars while i searched for her face,
In the presence of her absence,
She still touched me in her silent grace,

Looking at her absence, night became truth,
And I found, when love is sought, it is but happiness we seek,

When songs we seek, it is happiness we plead,
When the heart for a hug pleads, it is happiness we weep,
And a heart that cries, cries for its happiness that in pain bleeds,

How unhappy we've become,
Seeking the very things we are,
How unhappy we've become,
Seeking the happiness we are,

And in our sad sadness, we've forgotten,
We are the very things we give,
As a child's smile springs from that of the mother,

The moon never shines for herself,
She is The Moon, beautiful in all darkness,
Because She has chosen, to make light our darkness,
And smile to see us smile.


  1. I love the element of repetition. Nice. More grace.

  2. Chidiogo, so nice of you to read and leave a comment, really appreciate that, a thousand....much more grace to you


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