Thursday, 29 June 2017


It wasn't years ago when we sat upon the fields at night, it was yesterday,
When you held my hands and asked me what I saw when there was no day,
I told you I saw fear, that my soul was laid bare in the shadows that stared,

Do you remember touching my forehead with the tips of your fingers,
As if the lines of my skin were the grasses on the fields and you the wind?,
You told me you were the shadow, the night to match my sadness,

You held my hand the way the skies held the sun, "fear is for the strong"
you said,"it means you have something to fight for, a hidden song",
It was yesterday when we sat upon the fields, your eyes staring,

They held me, your eyes, they reminded of a peace long forgotten,
The moon was full, and the wind pulled us closer, a little closer,
I thought myself a mountain, but you, you made a stream of me often,

I told you I was the sand and you the rain that brought me home,
With each drop you washed me into the ocean, a little more each day,
Your lips brushed my cheeks, you asked what I saw when there was no day,

I told you I saw nothing, only a void, an emptiness with no meaning,
I remember you rested your head upon my shoulders,as you said
"it's only the void that can hold the sun, it's only the empty that can be filled"

Your fingers played on mine like the moon reflected on the waters,
You said "The heart doesn't know pain until it is given what can be lost",
I did hurt, I had you here but I hurt, the moon never stayed forever,

We lay on this field, I remember your fingers trailing the lines of my neck,
You listened to my heart, it did echo in the silent night, you made me break,
"The heart beats everyday until it finds something to beat for", you whispered,

Your hair brushed against my face as you held my eyes with yours,
"Tell me" you said, "what is it you see when the day is gone?",
You didn't let me answer that, your lips stole the air from mine,

You must have seen the sadness in my eyes, because you
told me how the heavens missed the earth so much, it fell as rain,
It cried so much its tears became the ocean, a living pain,

Your hands coursed through me like a ship on familiar waters,
Money is free, but Love, Love is the cost of a soul;a life that ends its wanders,
Your skin found home on mine, sometimes the body needs no clothing of cotton,

The night clothed us, and in the coldness of the night our hearts raced,
The wind danced around us, and with its whispers paced,
Two became one, we were the golden cloud wrapped around the setting sun.

It was tomorrow when the rumbling began, getting louder it fell like pebbles on a stream,
The explosions have never reached these fields before; your eyes looked dim,
The planes were gone as soon as they came, but they took something with them,

I had lost in a war that wasn't mine, you searched for air with such thirst,
The sun had risen, and the moon gone with it, yet darkness remained,
They were closed,your eyes, and I pleaded for them to hold me again,

You sighed and my life left with you, your last sigh taking every warmth from this world,
I would spend the next years of my life walking these fields, unseen and unheard, The ears that once listened, too gone to hear, those hands too cold to hold,

It wasn't years ago when I sat on these fields at night, it would be tomorrow,
When the earth would hold my hands and sit silently with me,
There was no more fear, all that could be lost had been lost, it's tomorrow.


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