Saturday, 9 May 2015


Time has not been with me,
As if twenty four hours isn't enough,
It's been forever I last stopped to write,
But then i remembered, time does not wait in flight,

The universe needs to be heard,
The spirit needs to be reached,
The mind needs to be touched,
And the questions of the heart awakened,

And so I decided for this few minutes to write,
To perhaps remind the universe, what i haven't forgotten,
To reach those that need to be reached,
And remind them that everything will be alright,

Time won't stop, time never started,
The sun only rose and we chose to call it day,
By moonlight we called it night,
Making separate all that is one,

The tree grew and we gave it time,
Looking at the universe as it didn't see itself,
Making ourselves separate from the very essence we are,
We called ourselves races, and forgot the depth,

Making separate all that is one,
We saw ourselves as the center,
We that are not even the end,
Seeking to explain it all from where we started,

And in the time we birthed, the grain beheld the beach,
And said to the sea, "I can explain how you started,
I'll first find how I became, and your mystery would be solved",
And it sought to explain the sea, with the time that never was,

Time did exist, it never stopped existing,
We only divided the heavens, and called it time,
When all that is time existed outside time,
It wasn't the beginning, it isn't the end,

And perhaps someday someone would ask,
"What is the beginning?,
The beginning of our time or the beginning of time?",
We are this small dot on the mesh of time,

Seeking to find the end of all that has no end,
We build from the top, and seek to stand a mansion,
And in search of evidence of His absence,
We settled for absence of evidence; we said the stars didn't exist,
because it was covered by our clouds;
Attempting to explain the whole with the part,

We are not where it started, we are not where it'll end,
We are the occurrence, not the essence,
The birth and not the mother,
We are the part of the journey, and not the path nor destination,

All that is, was before us,
All that is, will be after us,
All that will be, will be after us,

And next time you don't get your way,
Smile and realize, everything has as much right
to be here as you do,
Everyone has as much right to say "no" to you as you do,

Smile then, and your heart will smile with you.

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