Sunday, 18 October 2015


    Have you ever noticed how you start out writing a poem, and somewhere along the line, somewhere down the middle, the story changes and takes a new meaning, It's concepts changing from what you originally intended, like an evolving child?.
Ever felt like what you're writing has a mind of it's own?; have you ever noticed how it sometimes breaks down when you try to force it back to how you originally intended it?.
 Words and Art, Sometimes you have to be sensitive to let your work grow into what it wants to; it's more like raising a child; you water it, nurture it and watch it grow, you allow it change.
 Ever noticed how the best ones are the ones you never forced into what it must be?.
To be a writer is not to use high sounding words, neither is a poet the one who combines the most bombastic brew of all gigantesque concoctions in exponential proportions (don't ask me, I have no idea what the heck I just wrote), it is about letting it be what it wants to be.
…and yet they wonder why writers are sensitive people. We make the best lovers, the best parents, and the reasons to this are very obvious, because writing is like raising a child. Writing is loving another heart; the world's heart in your heart growing in a million ways.
  The next time someone tells you, "your words are too simple, their meanings easily seen", don't say much, only remember to tell them this, "you don't understand art".
It is not about the simplicity, it is about the depth, the mysterious deepness of an unassuming void; look at water in all its simple quiet nature, see what it has done with the ocean.
 Here's to all writers, the ones who view the world through a billion lenses, not just writing their heart but writing the world. Cheers! *clinks wine glass*

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