Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I don't know what it is I feel this night,
I only know of a longing to be heard,
Something that wants to be said,
A song that wants to
be said,

I feel peace I can't describe,
Like someones speaking to me,
Like love is loving to me,
A silence that wants to be heard,

How can one feel pain and sadness,
And then an unknown peace,
She has been gone for two days,
He has been searching for seven,

He has been gone for two days,
She has been searching for seven,
The world has gone silent,
Its colour has faded with the sun,

He was right in the next room,
She could hear his breathing,
The night would have it no other way,
He had to know, she had to hear,

It was a silly fight,
She knows that now,
He was too harsh,
He feels that now,

The soul might know grief,
But it feels emptiness more,
It only knows that one,
Even in tears, it does yearn,

Two days becomes seven,
When emptiness fills the space,
It grows old, it grows weary,
It yearns, it yearns one,

She walked towards that breath,
He heard her walk,
He walked towards that sound,
They met in the pass way,

He was sorry, she knew,
She yearned forgiveness,
He felt it,
They stood, a heart beat away,

It wasn't worth it, this pain,
The soul might know grief,
But it yearns, it yearns for that one,
Their hands brushed,

Their fingers locked,
Their bodies entwined,
All pride melted,
All grief forgotten,

This was where they belong,
In this embrace, in no judgement,
That night, sound became colour,
Colour became sound,

The soul had found its place,
That unknown peace,
Silence became sound,
Sound became silence,

He loves her, she knows,
She loves him, he felt it,
That night, the word wasn't said,
But it reechoed a thousand nights,

It reached the heavens and back,
It needed no words to be heard,
Silence was all it needed.

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